2011: Half-life of the β decay 115In(9/2+)→115Sn(3/2+)

Phys. Rev. C 84, 044605 (2011)

Erica Andreotti,1, Mikael Hult,1, Raquel González de Orduña,1, Gerd Marissens,1, J. S. Elisabeth Wieslander,1, and Marcin Misiaszek,2

1EC-JRC-IRMM, Institute for Reference Materials and Measurements, Retieseweg 111, B-2440 Geel, Belgium
2M. Smoluchowski Institute of Physics, Jagiellonian University, ulica Reymonta 4, PL-30-059 Krakow, Poland



The half-life of the rare β decay of 115In (9/2+) to 115Sn (3/2+) was determined by measuring the subsequent 497.334(22) keV γ-ray emission in a high-purity indium sample. The measurements were carried out by means of ultralow-level γ-ray spectrometry in the HADES underground laboratory, using three different high-purity germanium detectors. The value of the partial half-life for this low-Qβ transition was measured to be 4.3(5) × 1020 yr.