Minister of Education and Science award for CNO neutrinos

statuetkaOn February 19, 2023, on the Day of Polish Science, the Minister of Education and Science awarded prizes to outstanding scientists representing various fields of science. The team from Jagiellonian University was honored for significant achievements in scientific activity:

- Prof. Dr. hab. Marcin Wójcik

- Dr. hab. Grzegorz Zuzel, Prof. UJ

- Dr. Marcin Misiaszek

The award was given for:

 Foundational contributions to the BOREXINO experiment, which enabled measurements of solar neutrino fluxes of the pp and CNO types.

Measurements of pp and CNO neutrino fluxes would not have been possible without achieving extremely low background levels in the BOREXINO detector. This issue was addressed by a group from the Institute.

Congratulations !