2015: Improvement of the energy resolution via an optimized digital signal processing in GERDA Phase I

The European Physical Journal. C, Particles and Fields, 2015 vol. 75 no. 6

Agostini M. et al. (GERDA Collaboration) M. Wójcik, G. Zuzel, K. Pelczar, K. Panas, M. Misiaszek, N. Frodyma, D. Borowicz




An optimized digital shaping filter has been developed for the Gerda experiment which searches for neutrinoless double beta decay in 76Ge. The Gerda Phase I energy calibration data have been reprocessed and an average improvement of 0.3 keV in energy resolution (FWHM) corresponding to 10 % at the Q value for 0νββ decay in 76Ge is obtained. This is possible thanks to the enhanced low-frequency noise rejection of this Zero Area Cusp (ZAC) signal shaping filter.