2015: Improved reliability for fractal dimension calculation of the vascular imprints on the cranial vault mapped with topographical correction

Anthropologischer Anzeiger, Volume 72, Number 3
August 2015, pp. 279-291(13)


Nieckarz, Zenon; Tatón, Grzegorz; Kozerska, Magdalena; Skrzat, Janusz; Sioma, Andrzej


We presented a novel approach to studies of the vascular grooves located on the inner surface of the cranial vault. A three-dimensional vision system that acquired the endocranial surface topography was used for this purpose. The acquired data were used to generate images showing the branching pattern of the middle meningeal artery. Fractal dimension was used to characterize and analyze branching pattern complexity. We discussed the usefulness of the latter method and indicated difficulties and potential errors connected to the fractal dimension application.

The technique introduced for recording traits of the object surface appears to be helpful in anatomical study of morphological variation of dural vascularization. It may also be applicable in paleoneurological research based on analysis of the cranial remnants. Fractal dimension should be used carefully as a method sensitive to many aspects of data acquisition and processing.